Through My Window: A Photophobic Blue Sky View

I like to sit in the sun, even on migraine days.  Light sensitivity, called photophobia, is a common symptom of Migraine. Light becomes a lance in the eye. It is one thing to endure ambient light, another entirely to stare into a bright blue sky. That blue sky brings pain, but it also brings hope.

Life is full of pains. Physical, mental and emotional. Pain can quickly turn your skies gray. A haze of the mind and heart. I spend a lot of time in that hazy-pain place. I need help crawling out. I try to focus on the simple beauty I see around me. This azure sky gave me a little bit of hopeful blue. Something to hold on to, as I breathed through another 5 minutes of pain and the next and the next.

I take the Migraine in little steps, tiny sparrow footprints, light and delicate lead me from one pain moment to the next. I hold the memory of that blue sky in mind, and I persist. I survive. And, when the pain is past, I know that I will once again thrive.

It is my gift to you. This tiny sliver of blue and green. It isn’t much, just a picture you’ve seen a thousand times before, but to me it is something more. A seed of hope, maybe, whatever your pains are today.

May your pain ease, and if that is not possible, may you find the strength to get through the next five minutes. There are still blue skies out there waiting for you.


On Monday’s in May I’m posting photos of the view through my window. This series was inspired by the 4 weeks I spent stuck in that room fighting a migraine. The photos were taken over the course of that migraine.


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