Through My Window: Dogs and Distractions

Meet Alice and Bodhi! They are pretty certain they’ve treed a squirrel. There’s a 50/50 chance they’re right. They’re enthusiasm far outweighs their expertise. Staring up at that pine canopy can keep them busy for hours. That’s the herder* laser focus. I wish I was so easily occupied.

Being easily distracted is a function of pain. Nothing holds your interest for long. You need multiple easy diversions and tasks. Short and sweet, for certain. Here are some things I do to try to occupy my mind and body when I’m in pain. I am more or less able to do these things on all except the worst pain days.

How to distract yourself from pain

  • play with the dogs – we have three
  • housekeeping – chores broken into very small chunks, e.g., rinse the dishes, load the dishwasher, wipe the counter, sweep the floor in one room, dust 2-3 pieces of furniture. Breaking it up this way lets me take breaks in between as needed. Also, I may not get through even the chores I have listed here on a bad day.
  • listen to an audio book – migraines have killed my ability to read entire books IRL or Virtual form
  • watch Netflix, Amazon, Hulu
  • walk a lap around the yard (on better days I will take a walk through the neighborhood, but when the pain is bad it’s best to stay close to home and not get stranded.)
  • color – yep in a coloring book; don’t act like this is weird, everyone is doing it. This requires me to be fairly healthy,
  • meditate – I use the Calm app. on better days I attend a group
  • listen to music
  • pace the halls
  • chat with friends via text, fb
  • knit, weave, stitching (embroidery/cross stitch); I’m trying to learn to crochet, but I don’t have the patience or cognitive capacity right now
  • light yoga – I may only do 5 minutes at a time. I may be limited in the asanas I can achieve due to triggers, but it can get me through 5 minutes.
  • indulge curiosity – research various topics on the internet; a good quality google search can provide a nice distraction
  • window shop – fill that etsy cart and then don’t follow through
  • photography – I take photos from where I am. I have a lot of shots of the same view
  • Oh, and I write and write and write: lists, stories, letters, poems, journals

What distractions do you use to survive your pain?

Note: I’ve been down with that killer Migraine. Was in clinic getting infusions Monday-Wednesday. Monday was an especially bad day, so I missed posting my photo. So, here it is a couple days delayed but just as well intentioned.

*Alice is a Border Collie. Bodhi is a mutt, part Sheltie.


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