Through My Window: Dinosaur Egg

I have a nice view of the natural gas tank from my window. When I was kid we called them “dinosaur eggs.” Anyway, this little, above-ground capsule holds natural gas, which powers our furnace, water heater and kitchen stove/oven. It seems pretty vulnerable just sitting there in the open. You can see to the left (if you look close) where a pine came down in the wind. It just missed it. Yikes.

Chronic Pain is like that, vulnerable. You’ll be going about your business and then WHAM! you’re nailed. Can’t do any of the ‘normal’ things you need to do, like drive, or read, or see, or walk, or get out of bed, or whatever it is for you. It’s a terrible feeling.

I’ve been thinking on this Dino Egg, though. It’s super vulnerable sitting there, but it still serves a vital purpose. It keeps my family warm, it helps to nourish them. It’s pretty darn important, even if it is vulnerable. As people with Chronic Pain/Illness we are the same.

We are vital to our communities, whether family, friends, a faith community, your cats or dogs or birds. It doesn’t matter, but you do. YOU MATTER. So don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. We all are. It just seems so much more obvious when you’re sick and struggling.

Don’t give up. You matter.
If nothing else take a picture of what’s outside your window.
I’d love to see it.



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