I’m not the Disney princess sort, but I grew up in an unhealthy relationship with Sleeping Beauty. Now in my forties, a mother and wife, I find it was a portent of my life trajectory.

There was no spinning wheel involved. There was a genetic condition. A common bio-neurological disease. You know it. Migraine. I’ve had it everyday since 2007. A decade. Like Sleeping Beauty I’ve been waiting for a cure.

Unlike Sleeping Beauty, I’ve decided to pick up a pen, wield it like a machete, and try to at least clear some room in here. A girl needs to breathe after all. A woman, on the other hand, needs space to breathe, but also room to maneuver. There are dragons to slay, and I never thought the prince was up to the task in the first place.

I slay my dragons in the Driftless region of Wisconsin.


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