Perfect or Good?

Don't let perfect become the enemy of Good.


Through My Window: Dogs and Distractions

Meet Alice and Bodhi! They are pretty certain they've treed a squirrel. There's a 50/50 chance they're right. They're enthusiasm far outweighs their expertise. Staring up at that pine canopy can keep them busy for hours. That's the herder* laser focus. I wish I was so easily occupied. Being easily distracted is a function of pain. Nothing holds your interest for long. You need multiple easy diversions and tasks. Short and sweet, for certain. Here are some things I do to try to occupy my mind and body when I'm in pain.

It snowed yesterday. Not welcome, but not uncommon for Wisconsin. Silver Lining? I was able to capture this scene on the feeder.

To Begin

Today, I took this photo of our plum tree. Focusing intently on that common little butterfly, a fluttery spark of spring, I missed the wasp.

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