Through My Window: Dinosaur Egg

I have a nice view of the natural gas tank from my window. When I was kid we called them "dinosaur eggs." Anyway, this little, above-ground capsule holds natural gas, which powers our furnace, water heater and kitchen stove/oven. It seems pretty vulnerable just sitting there in the open. You can see to the left... Continue Reading →


farm country

We moved to farm country, but remained urban brained. Bus exhaust and compact humanity drumming in our heads like rain.

Qualm, a daily prompt

That nagging doubt, that qualm started peripherally. Just a buzzing, burning twinge felt in fingers and toes, over cheeks and scalps. A simple hesitation. So we breathe to settle our nerves. A sharp inhalation and those smoky, chokey tendrils twined chest deep became unease, disquiet. A foreboding. A surety of disaster just over the next... Continue Reading →

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